Jerky Turkey

When you think of some of the best work of legendary animation director Fred “Tex” Avery, “Jerky Turkey” probably does not come to mind.  However, Thanksgiving is coming up, so it’s an appropriate time to discuss this short.

Metro-Goldwyn Mayer’s original theatrical release of this cartoon occurred on April 7, 1945.   The cartoon featured two main characters, an unnamed Pilgrim and an unnamed turkey.  The Pilgrim was trying to catch a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.  In the manner of the Warner Brothers shorts in which various characters find their lives threatened and escape unscathed, the turkey in “Jerky Turkey” proves to be smarter than his potential captor and eludes the Pilgrim throughout the feature.  Anther character in the feature is a bear carrying a sandwich sign saying, “Eat at Joe’s.”  The bear turns out to be the Joe from the “Eat at Joe’s” sign and provides something of a surprise twist at the end of “Jerky Turkey.”  The source for the factual infomation in this post comes from the Big Cartoon Databse.


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